volunteer with us!

Volunteer with us!

Volunteers make our organization run and have come to be our strongest asset.

We are always looking for new people and organizations to assist us in our mission to help girls to be full of themselves in terms of esteem, confidence, respect, and love, while instilling in them to live a life of purpose.

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Adolescent girls in Arkansas, Texas, and Maryland served during EmpowHERment Day
Girls expressed an interest in returning to EmpowHERment Day
Returned to attend and be involved in other Ambitious Girls, Inc. programs and initiatives.

At a Glance

Ambitious Girls, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit that is recognized for their Girls G.R.O.W platform as a National Promising Practice organization by the Character Education Partnership in Washington, D.C. Ambitious Girls, Inc. is most known for their annual EmpowHERment Day conference

Ambitious Girls, Inc. has been recognized in magazines such as “ML Magazine in Little Rock, Arkansas”, “P.E.A.S in their pod” and “Women of Substance” both out of New Jersey. Ambitious Girls, Inc. has also been featured on KATV, the Broadway Joe Morning Show, and Good Day Arkansas on Fox 16 News to name a few. Ambitious Girls, Inc. is also recognized as a National Promising Practice program by the Character Education Partnership, in Washington, D.C.

All Girls are Ambitious and every girl is an Ambitious Girl! #AmbitiousGirlMAGIC

Ambitious Girls, Inc was established to provide a safe space where girls can be girls. An avenue where girls grow both individually and with peers, while building character, developing skills and establishing healthy sister-ships with one another.




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At Ambitious Girls, Inc. our motive is to empower girls to be full of themselves in terms of love, confidence, worth, esteem and growth.