Ambitious Girls Conference

Ambitious Girls initially began as GIRL TALK, a workshop scheduled for girls in Eastern Arkansas on January 31, 2009. Today we call it - The Ambitious Girl ARENA

Ambitious Girl ARENA

The Ambitious Girl ARENA was created in 2009 based on our founders “BE Smart! BE Safe! BE Responsible!” platform, of academic excellence, healthy lifestyles and positive choices.

The conference is held annually during the last Saturday in September, for girls 6th-12th grade. The Ambitious Girls ARENA is made up of workshops, activities, and interaction in relations to the organization platform, including topics related to the growth and development of girls.

Growth, Love and Purpose.

Ambitious Girls Promise:

Proverbs 31:26 “She speaks with knowledge and faithful instruction is on her tongue” I am an Ambitious Girl of greatness who will not be pressured by perfection but geared to grow with no limits.

Trinity has made friends since being in the Ambitious Girls program. She comes home from every session with such excitement. She has improved on her self-control tremendously! She has had a confidence boost as well!!

-Almetres Smith, Mother