Ambitious Girls CLASS

What is the Ambitious Girls CLASS?

The Ambitious Girls CLASS is a 6-month program made up of classes, group coaching and one-on-one mentoring, designed to help girls grow in confidence, character, and culture.

All girls who complete the Ambitious Girl Academy partake in a graduation ceremony upon completion.

Mirror, mirror in my hand, I am not defined by man! Confident in Christ and proudly defined by all our Lord God created me to be!
All Girls are Ambitious and Every Girl is an Ambitious Girl!
ag girls with glasses

What You Can Expect...

The Ambitious Girls CLASS is made of coaching, mentoring and interactive classes that include: identity, image, friendships, decision making, goal setting, handling transitions, smart social media usage, leadership and more!

  • Build character and confidence
  • Make new friends and form sisterhoods
  • Learn problem solving skills
  • Learn new social skills
  • Learn ways to deal with drama among peers
  • Build and enhance leadership skills 

All girls are Ambitious

Every girl is an Ambitious Girl.

Every girl has Ambitious Girl MAGIC.

“Write the vision, make it plain”! Goal setting is PowHERful!!! Dear Ambitious Girls, whatever you plans, desires, joy, happiness, celebrations, achievements and blessings you have, keep more of them ALL!


Carlee Tidwell

Ambitious Girls is a wonderful program ! I have seen a change in Carlee and with this new found growth: she has become a leader. She is on her school Student Council, was selected this year for the first coding class (The Ryanne Foundation and AR Commitment). Carlee really enjoys time spent with Ambitious Girls and Peer Mentors. Before she graduated from the first class of Ambitious Girls Academy, she said that one day she aspires to be a Junior Ambitious Girls Ambassador. She has built relationships with young ladies within the program, loves and admires Mrs. Akissi. We are blessed to have a program such as this, to uplift and inspire young ladies of color and look forward to Carlee traveling to Ghana with Ambitious Girls.

-Laiya Payne-ElAmin, Mother of Carlee Tidwell