Ambitious Girls AFRICA

Ambitious Girls Inc. has arrived in AFRICA with a chapter in Ghana!!!

The Ambitious Girls, Inc. Ghana Chapter is located in PramPram, which is a coastal town in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana-West Africa.

This chapter is the first International Ambitious Girls chapter formed to develop an avenue between African girls in Ghana and African American girls in Arkansas to grow with one another with CLASS: Culture, Leadership, Ambition, Sisterhood and Service through programs, mentorship, retreats, and workshops.

Growth, Love and Purpose.

Ambitious Girls Promise:

Proverbs 31:26 “She speaks with knowledge and faithful instruction is on her tongue” I am an Ambitious Girl of greatness who will not be pressured by perfection but geared to grow with no limits.

Let's go to Ghana!

Ambitious Girls, Inc is going to Ghana, West Africa. We rescheduled our July 2020 trip and are now traveling in December 2020! Just as we were before, we are excited about taking girls with us!!!!

If you are interested in traveling with us, please complete the form below and we will contact you! In the event that spaces for our 2020 trip fill up, we will add you on our 2021 list! Talk to you soon! If you are interested in staying up to date for future opportunities, click the button below to get to th einterst form.